Internal: Restoring e-file services when e-filing is disabled

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A verified EFIN is required to electronically file returns with UltraTax CS. Firms attempting to electronically file a return with an unverified EFIN will receive a critical diagnostic and an alert on their home page. Users can view the unverified EFIN number that was used on the UltraTax CS Home Page, by pressing Crtl +J. For additional details, see EFIN verification required for electronic filing through CS Connect.

Before you remove the e-file block, you can use CS Connect logs to check which return(s) were rejected due to an unapproved EFIN. To see the specific return that is blocking an electronic filing submission, see the Internal: ELF (All Entities): Locating ELF rejections in the Connection Log on the internal Connect webpage article for instructions.

Removing e-file service blocks

If e-file services have been disabled due to the use of an unverifiable EFIN, you can use the Connect info center to review the status of an EFIN number by firm ID. Depending on the given status, you may also be able to clear the e-file services block. To check, complete the following steps:

  1. Review the firm's e-file approval status in EMS. In EMS, a firm must be marked "Yes" in the e-file approved field in order to electronically file returns with UltraTax CS.
  2. Visit the EFIN/Firm ID blocking page of the Connect info center. Instructions to access CS Connect can be found in the Guide to using Connect article.
  3. Enter the firm ID into the Firm ID field and click the Check firm button to review which EFIN(s) may be blocking e-file services. Any EFIN (s) with a red status message has been used but has not verified, and is currently blocking e-file services.
  4. Click the Fix button to move that EFIN into a suspended state and clear the block for any EFIN(s) the firm is no longer using. The firm will need to submit an e-file application summary to clear the block for any listed EFIN(s) they intend to use. 

Using an EFIN in a suspended state to create an e-file will move that specific EFIN into a Suspended state and e-file services will be blocked again. If a firm's e-file services are being blocked and a fix button is not available, work with the Customer Service Call Resolver to restore e-file services. Support Representatives: Do not transfer these calls to Customer Service, work with the call resolver to restore the firm's e-file services.

Once all blocked EFIN(s) are fixed, to restore e-file services the firm must do the following:

  1. Make sure the correct EFIN information listed in the Electronic filing tab. To do so, see restoring your ability to electronically file and compete all but the last step of the applicable section.  
  2. Refresh the home page to clear the Home Page alert message.
  3. Restart UltraTax CS. After doing so, the critical diagnostics should clear and e-file services should be restored.

Submissions of new e-file application summaries are typically verified within 24-48 hours, however verification can take up to seven business days. After submitting an e-file application summary to users will receive an automatic response confirming receipt and communicating turnaround times. If they have not received this message they should resubmit their summary. For details, see the Submitting your e-file application summary section of the E-file application summary and EFIN requirement overview

EFIN(s) are sensitive pieces of firm information, treat EFIN(s) with the same confidentiality as a social security number or credit card number. Never provide a full EFIN in written or verbal communication. Use only the last three numbers of the EFIN in all forms of communication.

EFIN status messages

The status messages found on the EFIN/Firm ID blocking page of the Connect info center and their meanings are as follows:

Note: The "Agency Validated" status is not required for approval for use of an EFIN in UltraTax CS. The "Agency Validated" and "Manually Validated" are both approved EFIN statuses.

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