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Steps for transitioning from Virtual Office CS to a local installation

  1. Download and install CS Professional Suite products in a local environment
  2. Back up data and restore in local environment
    • Firms with SQL data to back up (Accounting CS, Workpapers CS, Practice CS) will need a copy of the data sent to them, and will need to work with Technical Support to access the data
    • Each product will have to be restored to the desktop versions of the software. Technical Support will help the firms with restoring their SQL data (Accounting CS, Workpapers CS, Practice CS)
  3. Cancel Virtual Office CS licenses
    • The firm has the option to keep NetClient CS portals as needed and will continue to use the NetStaff CS login credentials to access the software
    • If using Client Access, Virtual Office CS must be licensed
    • If using Firm Hosted Client Access, Virtual Office CS does not have to be licensed
  4. Create Thomson Reuters IDs if applicable
  5. Continue the work in the local environment

The final invoice for Virtual Office CS will be received the month after cancellation. See web billing basics for more detail. Additional licensing is rarely required unless the firm needs to add users or services that were not previously licensed while using Virtual Office CS.

When a firm is moving away from SaaS to a local installation, the process is different from how it is handled when coming off of Virtual Office CS. For information on that process, see the SaaS to local transition article.

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