Downloading and applying updates

Alerts and notices

FileCabinet CS checks for updates at a scheduled time, and downloads and installs all updates automatically when FileCabinet CS Background Services are enabled. However, you can download and apply updates at any time, either by changing the default scheduled time of 3 a.m. eastern time (choose Setup > System Configuration, and then click the FileCabinet CS + Misc tab) or by following these steps.

Note: If you access FileCabinet CS through Virtual Office CS or Software as a Service (SaaS), you do not need to use CS Connect to download and apply updates. Application updates are applied automatically in those environments.

  1. Verify that all other users have closed FileCabinet CS, all other CS Professional Suite applications, and all Microsoft Office applications, and that the computer you use to apply updates is logged in to the network.
  2. Choose File > CS Connect .
  3. Click the Call CS Connect option, and then click the Now option.
  4. Mark the Retrieve available updates checkbox.
  5. Click the Call Now button to log in to our secure data centers and download all available application updates.
  6. In the CS Connect dialog, click the Apply Updates option.
  7. Click the Now option.
  8. Click the Apply Updates button.