Troubleshooting update errors

Alerts and notices

If you cannot apply updates, try the following solutions.

If your computer is on a network:

  • Ensure that no one else has FileCabinet CS, other CS Professional Suite applications, or any Microsoft Office applications open when you apply updates.
  • Apply updates from a different computer.
  • Reboot your server and try to apply updates again.


  • FileCabinet CS closes automatically before applying updates.Users who access CS Professional Suite applications (including the user applying the updates) must exit those applications for the update process to be completed.
  • If CS Connect encounters a problem while applying updates, the updates are not applied and the application remains at the most recent successfully updated version. In this case, subsequent updates for the current session are placed on hold.
  • At the end of a CS Connect call, CS Connect will prompt you to apply any downloaded updates that have not been applied, even if updates were not downloaded during that particular call.
  • If CS Connect receives a busy signal or no answer when attempting to connect to our secure data centers , it will attempt to reconnect up to nine times during a one-hour period.
  • While the Online Status dialog is displayed, the computer is connected to our secure data centers CS Connect automatically logs off from those servers and disconnects the call after it completes its processes. However, you can click the Cancel Call button at any time to disconnect the call. If you accidentally disconnect the call while downloading updates, you will need to connect to our secure data centers later to download the remaining updates.
  • You can sign up to receive email alerts about CS Professional Suite application updates. (Note that you must create a web account to sign up for email subscriptions.)