Deleting data backups for multiple drawers

Alerts and notices

Follow these steps to delete all data backups for multiple drawers.

  1. Choose Help > Repair.
  2. In the Drawers tab, click the Delete Data Backups button.
  3. Highlight the drawers with data backups that you want to delete and click the Select button to move them to the right pane.
  4. Click the delete button to delete data backups for the selected drawers.
  5. Click Yes when prompted to confirm that you want to proceed with the data backup deletion.
  6. Click Done to close the Repair dialog.

Note: To delete a data backup for a single drawer, right-click the Data Backup folder for the desired drawer in the Folders window, choose Delete Document from the context menu, and click OK in the Delete Document dialog. If the drawer contains multiple data backups, you can choose to delete all backups, or the selected backup only.

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