Add a client note in Fixed Assets CS

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Occasionally, you may want to make a note to yourself or a colleague about the client's data. For example, you may want to remind yourself to follow up with the client about a particular question or indicate a special issue. For such issues, Fixed Assets CS allows you to attach a note to each client.

  1. To add a client note when the Asset List window is open, choose Edit > Client Note.
  2. Click the Add Note button.

    Note: If licensed, you can enter client notes in the UltraTax CS, FileCabinet CS, and Practice CS tabs.

  3. Enter the client note text in the text area of the dialog.
  4. Use the buttons and drop-down lists in the Client Note toolbar to format the client note text.
  5. Click OK to save the client note and close the Client Note dialog.


  • To edit the text for a client note, click the Client Note button on the main Fixed Assets CS toolbar or choose Edit > Client Note from the Fixed Assets CS menu bar.
  • To print client notes, choose Edit > Client Note and click the Print button.
  • To change the default font type and size for all client notes that are subsequently created, choose Setup > System Configuration, click the Connect + Options tab, and select the desired font type and size.
  • If you want the Client Note dialog to appear each time the client is opened in Fixed Assets CS, choose Setup > User Preferences, click the Miscellaneous tab, and mark the Automatically display note when client is opened checkbox.
  • It is possible to enter text as soon as the Client Note dialog appears, without first clicking the Add Note button. If you do this, the text will be saved but the note will not be time stamped or record who entered the note.

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