Opening a client

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  1. Choose File > Open Client or click the Open Client Open Client button on toolbar button on the toolbar.
  2. If your firm has multiple data locations, verify that the appropriate location appears in the Data location field. (If your firm has not set up multiple data locations, this field is not available.)
  3. In the Open Client dialog, highlight the client you want to open.

    Tip: To quickly find a client, enter the first few characters of the client's ID in the search box above the list, or click the Name column heading and enter the first few characters of the client's name.

  4. Click the Open button.
  5. If the client's data is password protected, the Client Password dialog opens and you must enter the client's password before you can access the data.

The Asset List window opens, with the assets for the client you opened displayed.


  • To sort the client listing by that characteristic, click the Client ID, Name, Entity, or Client Status Client Status button on toolbar column heading.
  • To limit the clients who appear in the list by entity type and/or status event, use the options in the Focus group box.
  • To quickly open a client whose data you have accessed recently, us commands in the File menu. The most recently accessed client is listed at the bottom of the File menu, and up to eight other recently processed clients are listed under More Recently Used.
  • To quickly open any of the last nine clients you accessed, click the [Open] link next to the client's name in the Recent Activity section of the Fixed Assets CS Home Page.
  • If you configured the Fixed Assets CS status system to provide status warnings and the current client meets the criteria defined for those warnings, the Warning - Status System dialog will appear.

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