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Use the Find Asset dialog to search for assets by their descriptions. For information on searching for assets, see Finding an asset.

To open this dialog, open the Asset List window for an activity and choose Edit > Find Asset.

Note: The Find Asset command is available only if you have added assets for the selected activity.

Fields & buttons

Enter the word or words for which you want to search.


  • Searches are not case sensitive.
  • You cannot use wildcards (for example, the * and ? characters) to substitute for specific letters in the search string.

Select one of the following items to specify where in the asset you want to search.

  • Description
  • Memo 1
  • Memo 2
  • Asset Note
  • Serial #
  • Custom (select 1 through 10)
  • Insurance policy #
  • License/reg/cert #
  • Model #
  • Tag #
  • Warranty #

Note: The following associations will appear in the drop-down list only if they are turned on for the client: Serial #, Custom (select 1 through 10), Insurance policy #, License/reg/cert #, Model #, Tag #, and Warranty #. See Setting up asset associations for details about turning on associations.

After entering the word or words for which you want to search in the Find what field and selecting an association from the In drop-down list, click this button to begin the search. The search begins at the currently highlighted asset and continues to the bottom of the list.

  • If the search item is found, the search stops at the first asset containing the search string. To continue the search, click this button again.
  • If the search item is not found, the application asks whether you want to begin the search from the beginning of the asset list.

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