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Use the Backup dialog to back up (archive) data for the active client or for multiple clients, or to back up custom methods, custom reports, system settings (asset labels, data locations, import maps, and status system events), and application updates.

To open this dialog, choose File > Backup. The active client (if any) is automatically listed in the Selected pane.

Fields & buttons

Select the item you want to archive.

  • Select Clients to back up client data.
  • Select Custom Methods to back up custom methods. If you select Custom Methods, all fields in the Focus client listing group box are not available.
  • Select Custom Reports to back up custom reports. If you select Custom Reports, all fields in the Focus client listing group box are not available.
  • Select System Settings to back up custom asset labels, data locations, import maps, or status system events. If you select System Settings, all fields in the Focus client listing group box are not available.

All items that meet the focus criteria are listed here. Note that any items already listed in the Selected pane are not listed here.

To sort this list, click the Client ID, Name, or Entity column heading at the top of this pane. Double-click an item to select it for archiving, or click the Select All button to choose all of the items listed in the Available pane.

Lists the items you have selected for archiving.


  • To remove an item from this list, highlight the item and click the Remove button. The item returns to the Available pane.
  • To sort the client list by client ID, name, or entity type, click the words Client ID, Name, or Entity in the title bar of the list pane.

Focus client listing group box

If you want, you can limit the clients that are available for selection in this dialog. Clear the checkbox for each type of client that you do not want to include in the list.

This checkbox is marked by default so that only clients whose data has been accessed (and potentially updated) since their last backup are listed here. If desired, you may clear this checkbox.

Click this button to switch between the most recent custom focus selection and the default selection for the current dialog.

This field displays the client status event used to focus the client list and the sorting criteria for the event. To change the client status event or sorting criteria, click the Modify button.

Click this button to open the Modify Event Focus dialog to change the client status event or sorting criteria in the Event field.

Backup data group box

Displays the drive and folder where the data will be archived. To change the archive location, click the Modify Backup Location button.

Click this button if you want to change the archive drive and/or path.

Mark this checkbox to check out the selected clients' data. By checking out a client's data, you can avoid problems that result from multiple people accessing the same client data simultaneously.

For example, you might mark this checkbox when you take a client's data home or to another office location. If anyone attempts to open the client while you have the data checked out, Fixed Assets CS displays a dialog stating that the data is currently checked out.


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