Assets for MACRS mid-quarter test

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Only assets that are depreciating using a MACRS method will be included in the mid-quarter test. Assets depreciating using Straight-line depreciation or older methods of depreciation such as ACRS or 200% DB are not included. All current year MACRS assets will be included except:

  • Assets that are in the Miscellaneous activity.
  • MACRS assets that are 27.5-year real property, 31.5-year real property, and 39-year real property.
  • Assets that have been forced to be real property (via the Tasks > Designate as Real Property command).
  • MACRS assets that are marked in the Mid-Quarter & Section 179 Force Options dialog to be excluded from the calculation. (To open this dialog, click the Mid-Quarter & Section 179 Force Options button in an asset's Other tab.)
  • Assets that are acquired and also disposed of in the current year.
  • Assets that are autos expensed using standard mileage.
  • Assets completely expensed under Section 179. If an asset has been partially expensed, then the amount subject to depreciation will be included in the calculation.
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