Using the summary graph to analyze assets

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To set up the graph to analyze your assets, perform the following steps.

  1. Choose Tasks > Display Summary Information. The Client Summary Information dialog opens.
  2. Under Activity, choose to base the graph on either the current activity or all activities by clicking the appropriate option.
  3. From the drop-down list for the Treatment field, choose any treatment that has been set up for this client in the Setup > Treatments dialog.
  4. Under Asset information, choose to analyze the client's asset information based on Number of assets, Cost/basis, or Current depreciation.
  5. From the drop-down list for the Based on field, choose an association to determine how the pie chart will be broken out. In the list below this field, the entries that were made for the association in the Setup > Associations dialog are listed.
  6. The pie graph analyzes the client's asset information based on the choices you made. To print the pie graph and bar graph, click the Print Graph button.
  7. To preview the Asset Detail report that prints for this Association, click the Preview Asset Detail button.
  8. The Asset Detail report opens in the Print Preview window. To print the Asset Detail report, click the Print All button.

Note: If you double-click a piece of the pie graph or an association listed in the key, the Asset Detail report opens in the preview window for that association. This Asset Detail report includes only the association you selected.

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