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The following table summarizes the capacities of Fixed Assets CS.

Note: Many of the capacities listed in the following table are defined "per client." If you are using Fixed Assets CS to track your own assets (as opposed to tracking assets for a client), you likely have only one "client," yourself.

Item Max. limit
Clients 20,000
Assets per client 32,000
Highest asset number 32,000
Asset classes for each Method/Life Wizard type - General, Farm, Indian Reservation, Indian Reservation Farm, Governmental 250
Treatments per client No limit
Business activities per client 999
Units per activity folder 250
Custom reports No limit
Custom methods for calculating depreciation 99
Asset groups per client 65,000
Asset locations per client 65,000
Asset types per client 65,000
Divisions per client 250
Dollar amount $999,999,999,999.99

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Internal only

Internal employees: Each client is able to have 250 Units for an activity and a total of 999 total activities in a client. For example, you could have 250 farms, 250 rental, 250 K-1s 248 farm rents, and then 1 misc and 1 Schedule A.