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Main Fixed Assets CS toolbar

The main toolbar at the top of your screen is composed of buttons that you can click to quickly perform common tasks. Certain buttons may be unavailable depending on whether or not a client is open.

Main toolbar
Button Function

New Client button

Open the New Client dialog in which you can add a new client for processing.
Shortcut: CTRL+N

Open Client button

Open the Open Client dialog in which you can select an existing client for processing.
Shortcut: CTRL+O

Save button

Save the open client's data.
Shortcut: CTRL+S

Client Properties button

Open the File > Client Properties dialog, which can be used to update information for the current client. Or click the arrow to view summary information and links to external document for the open client.

Select Period to Process button

Open the File > Select Period to Process dialog, which can be used to enter or examine data for a different processing period or to advance to a new processing period.

Client Note button

Open the Client Note dialog in which you can enter a note or reminder about the open client.

Client Status button

Open the Client Status dialog, which is used to log events for Fixed Assets CS clients, to view the current scheduled events for the day, or to schedule events for Fixed Assets CS clients.
Shortcut: F5

Cut Asset button

Cut the selected asset.
Shortcut: CTRL+X

Copy Asset button

Copy the selected asset.
Shortcut: CTRL+C

Paste Asset button

Paste the selected asset.
Shortcut: CTRL+V

Find Asset button

Open the Find Asset option.
Shortcut: CTRL+F

CS Connect button

Open CS Connect, a utility that provides Fixed Assets CS users with a convenient and economical way to perform the following tasks.

  • Download application updates and user bulletins.
  • Retrieve licenses.
  • Receive other timely information.

FileCabinet CS button

Open FileCabinet CS. This CS Professional Suite application provides automatic storage and retrieval mechanisms for documents produced by CS Professional Suite applications.

Note: This button appears only if you are licensed for and have installed FileCabinet CS.

Print button

Open the Print dialog from which you can print reports and forms.
Shortcut: CTRL+P

Print the Current Asset button

Open the Print Current Asset dialog, which allows you to print the following reports.

  • The Depreciation Projection Report for any treatment being calculated for the current asset. This report displays current depreciation allowed for each year of the asset's life.
  • The Asset Information Report for the current asset. This report prints the information in the Depreciation tab of the Asset Detail dialog.
  • The Asset Note Report for the current asset. This report prints the information entered in the Note tab of the Asset Detail dialog.

Shortcut: CTRL+1

Search field for the Help and How-To Center

Search the Help & How-To Center, where you can find information about windows and dialogs, step-by-step instructions, reference information, answers to frequently asked questions, and more.
Shortcut: F1

Home Page button

Open the Fixed Assets CS Home Page, which provides links to frequently used functions and displays important information regarding the status of the application.

The Home Page button contains a red exclamation point when a new alert is available in the Notices section of the Home Page. Alerts contain high-priority application information. The exclamation point will no longer appear on the Home Page button once you have viewed the alert for at least 15 seconds.

Asset Detail toolbar

The Asset Detail toolbar appears when you click the Add or the Modify button in the Asset List window.

Tip: If you are working in Fixed Assets CS and cannot remember what a toolbar button does, hold the mouse pointer over the button to display a description of the button.

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