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Use this dialog to set up general ledger accounts for assets based on the associations with which they are grouped. Each group relates a single asset group, or a contiguous range of groups, to the corresponding general ledger accounts for asset costs and corresponding depreciation. For example, one group may relate to "Furniture and Fixtures," another to "Office Equipment," another to "Buildings," and so forth.

Fixed Assets CS calculates the journal entries by transferring the account activity for each of the groups shown in this dialog to the client's Fixed Assets CS journal entry transactions file. If a client with the same ID exists in Accounting CS or Creative Solutions Accounting (Write-Up CS or Trial Balance CS), this dialog shows the general ledger account numbers from the accounting application. In each General Ledger list, select the applicable category from the drop-down list to the right of the field.

To open this dialog, choose Setup > Journal Entry Accounts.

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Creating journal entry transaction files for Accounting CS and Creative Solutions Accounting

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