Importing Fixed Assets CS journal entries into Accounting CS and Creative Solutions Accounting

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If you use Accounting CS or Creative Solutions Accounting (CSA), you can eliminate most of the effort required to make periodic journal entries in your accounting application by importing those journal entries from Fixed Assets CS. This procedure also helps ensure that your accounting application's general ledger balances coincide with your Fixed Assets CS depreciation detail records.

  1. Create the journal entry transaction file for Accounting CS or CSA.

    Note: To view journal entry information that is ready to be imported into Accounting CS or CSA, choose Tasks > Display Journal Entry to open the Display Journal Entry dialog.

  2. To complete the transfer of the journal entry transaction file to Accounting CS or CSA, click one of the following links and perform the steps.

    1. Open the client in Accounting CS.
    2. Choose File > Import > Client Data.
    3. In the Import Client Data Wizard, select the client from the Client Name field.
    4. Verify that Fixed Assets CS is selected in the Source field.
    5. Click the Browse button, navigate to the file location, and select the file to import.


      • Fixed Assets CS saves journal entry transaction files in a location that is relative to where Accounting CS client data is located. By default, journal entry transaction file are saved at C:\WinCSI\Accounting CS Data\Data\Integration.
      • The exported file is named "Trans.<client ID> GL <period end date>.xml," where <client ID> represents the ID of the client and <period end date> represents the current period end date in Fixed Assets CS.
    6. Click the Finish button.
    1. Open the client in CSA.
    2. Choose Setup > User Preferences, click the File Locations tab, and specify the Fixed Assets CS data path.
    3. If you are using multiple journals, choose File > Client Properties. In the Client Properties dialog, click the General Ledger tab and choose the journal that you will use for depreciation journal entries.
    4. To import the journal entry transaction files from Fixed Assets CS, choose Utilities > Import Fixed Assets CS Journal Entries from within the CSA Transaction Entry window or the Trial Balance window.

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