Printing inventory reports for Missing or Undetermined assets (Inventory module)

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See also: Inventory processing sequence

Note: The Fixed Assets Inventory module is licensed separately from Fixed Assets CS.

To modify the print options for reports and worksheets to print only those assets with an inventory status of Missing or Undetermined, complete the following steps.

  1. Open the active inventory.
  2. Choose Inventory > Print.
  3. In the Inventory tab, choose Reports from the drop-down list on the Inventory tab.
  4. Double-click either the Asset Detail or Inventory Status report.
  5. Click the Options button.
  6. Click the Select Assets 2 tab.
  7. Clear the Include all assets checkbox.
  8. Click the Inventory Status option.
  9. In the Include in report pane, double-click all inventory statuses except for Missing and Undetermined to move them to the Exclude from report pane.
  10. Click OK to return to the Print dialog.
  11. Click the button to print to a printer, to the Depreciation Spool, and/or to FileCabinet CS / File Drawer / Onvio Documents.

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Internal only

Support: The separate license needed to access the Inventory Module is named DINVNAME.DAT.

  • You first need to verify if the firm is licensed for the Inventory module in Flash or EMS. If they are, have the user download their licenses. If the firm encounters issues downloading their licenses, you can download the firm's license, rename their DWNAME.DAT to DINVNAME.DAT, and then email the license file you created to the firm.

    Never walk an external user through renaming their DWNAME.DAT license. This is to be completed internally only if a firm is having problems with downloading their licenses.

  • If the firm is not licensed for the Inventory module, you will need to submit an EMS Help Desk ticket so that the license can be made available to the firm through CS Connect. If the firm does not license the Inventory Module and is interested in doing so please transfer the user to Sales (x751363).