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Note: The Fixed Assets Inventory module is licensed separately from Fixed Assets CS.

Inventory statuses are used to indicate an asset's status for the current inventory. At the end of an inventory, all assets should be assigned to one of the following statuses: Checked out, Disposed, Found - changed, Found - not changed, or New.

The following inventory statuses are available in the Fixed Assets Inventory module.

Use this status if an asset has been checked out by an employee and cannot be physically inventoried.

Use this status if the asset has been disposed. This status is automatically entered for an asset when disposal information is entered.

Use this status if the asset has been located and information for the asset has changed. In most cases, this status is automatically entered for an asset when the asset's information is modified.


  • If an asset's status was Disposed prior to modifying its information, the status will remain Disposed.
  • The Disposed status is not automatically entered when an asset is modified by copying a column, using the Edit > Reassign Assets command, using the Setup > Activity command (that is, changing the situs for a multiple-unit activity), or adding an image.

Use this status if the asset has been located, and the asset's information does not need to be updated.

Note: When an asset's barcode label is scanned, the status changes to "Found - not changed."

Use this temporary status when you cannot find an existing asset. By the end of the inventory, the asset's status should be Found - changed, Found - not changed, Disposed (casualty/theft, sold, scrapped, or traded), or Checked out.

When an asset is entered in Fixed Assets CS for the first time by choosing Edit > Add Asset or copying and pasting an existing asset in the Inventory module, or if an asset's barcode label is not recognized when it is scanned, the asset is automatically assigned a status of New - even if its date in service is in a prior year.

All assets that are pulled in from Fixed Assets CS at the beginning of an inventory automatically have a status of Undetermined.

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Internal only

The Inventory Module needs a separate license in order to be accessed, which is named DINVNAME.DAT. Product Support Representatives may create their own inventory license by copying their DWNAME.DAT file and renaming it to DINVNAME.DAT so that both a DWNAME.DAT and DINVNAME.DAT file are present in WinCSI\LICENSES.


Instead, you may download their DWNAME.DAT license through EMS, perform the rename steps yourself, and then email the license file you created to the firm. You should first verify in Flash or EMS that the firm does indeed license the Inventory Module.  You should also submit an EMS Help Desk ticket ( so that the license can be made available to the firm through CS Connect. If the firm does not license the inventory module and is interested in doing so, please transfer the user to Sales.