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This topic compiles important information related to your software, such as the status of known issues, recently corrected problems, and answers to common questions.

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Reported Date Category Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
03/15/21 Platform N/A Notice 03/23/21 N/A Printing Issues & Blue Screen

Microsoft recently released a set of KB updates, some if which caused unexpected errors for print drivers in various applications, which impacted printing for many Thomson Reuters products. Microsoft has now resolved this issue with a few out-of-band releases, please see details here

02/16/21 Platform ALL Open 02/16/21 TBD CS Professional Suite Sign In / Time Out

We are currently investigating an issue that is causing the following behavior:

If you have one CS Professional Suite Application opened (UltraTax CS, Accounting CS, Practice CS, etc.), and try to open another one, there is about a 40 second wait before you can get into the 2nd+ Application.

If you are in more than one CS Professional Suite Application and timeout due to inactivity, you are required to manually sign into each application, instead of signing into one automatically signing into the others.

We will update this alert when we have more information.

09/30/20 Platform N/A Notice 09/30/20 NOTICE Removal of reCAPTCHA

Thomson Reuters utilizes current security best practices as part of our commitment to our customers. Along with many in the industry, including current IRS Safeguards, we rely on the National Institute of Standards & Technology (“NIST”) for security policies and practices. Due to recent changes to the IRS Trusted Customer Requirements for 2021, Thomson Reuters has removed the use of reCAPTCHA in the login process for Onvio, NetFirm CS, NetClient CS and CS Professional Suite desktop products effective 10/01/2020. In addition Thomson Reuters has already instituted support for multi-factor authentication, an IRS requirement that all tax software providers must be in compliance with by 2021. To learn more about the importance of MFA, please visit our website.

07/24/20 Idea Incubator ALL Notice 07/24/20 N/A Certificate Error when Logging into the Idea Incubator
We are receiving reports of the following error when signing into the Idea Incubator:

Single Sign on Failure: SAML response missing X.509 Certificate

To correct this issue, please use the following link for the Idea Incubator:

http S:// You can also refresh the page, but you may need to enter your credentials again.

04/10/20 Platform Notice Notice 04/10/20 Notice CARES Act
President Trump on March 27, 2020 signed into law the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES Act). The legislation includes tax relief for businesses and individuals. There will be a future update to Fixed Assets CS for depreciation changes.
03/20/20 All Notice Notice 03/23/20 Notice Communication & Posting Delay
We are currently experiencing delays with emails and email notifications being sent for CS Professional Suite, Onvio and GoFileRoom AdvanceFlow (including creation of portals, posting documents to portals, and eSigantures). You may see a delay of 4 hours receiving backlogged notifications. We are diligently investigating the issue to have it resolved as quickly as possible.
03/05/20 Merge 19.1.4 Notice 03/05/20 Notice Assets with multiple treatments not merging properly with the MACRS SL ADS method
If a change is made such as the reclassification of assets to MACRS SL ADS for section 163(j) purposes, only 10 treatments will be updated when merging from 2019 to 2020 for instance. This is a system limitation of the merge feature. As a workaround you could do a save as of the client and then reclose and copy and paste these assets into the original after deleting the assets from the original.
02/26/20 Platform/Authentication N/A In Progress 03/11/20 Tentative "An Error occurred with your request. Please try again" message when resetting your password
We have identified an issue where resetting your password through the CS Professional Suite software results in the error message "An Error occurred with your request. Please try again". We are working on getting an update pushed out to fix this issue. In the meantime, if you come across this issue, please follow the steps under the section "Updating your Thomson Reuters ID password" in the following Help & How To Center article Password Reset

*UPDATE* The fix for this issue is tentatively scheduled for 03/19/2020

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