Modifying reports or forms

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To modify the print options for application-defined reports and forms or custom reports, perform the following steps.

  1. Choose File > Print.
  2. In the Print dialog, click the appropriate tab (Reports, Forms, or Custom).
  3. Double-click the report or form you want to modify to move it to the Selected pane.
  4. Click the Options button.
  5. You can change the print options on any of the tabs in the Options dialog. Note that the tabs and options that appear depend on which report or form is currently listed in the Selected pane of the Print dialog. To view detailed information about the options available in each tab, press F1.
  6. When you have changed the print options, click OK to return to the Print dialog.
  7. To change print options for additional reports or forms, repeat steps 2 - 6.
  8. When you have changed all of the desired options, click the
    • Print button to print to the printer.
    • Spool button to print to the Depreciation Spool.
    • To Cabinet / To Drawer button to print to FileCabinet CS / GoFileRoom / File Drawer.
    • Export button to print to Microsoft Excel or PDF.


  • If you are licensed for and have installed FileCabinet CS, the reports and/or forms will be saved in FileCabinet CS.
  • If you are licensed for GoFileRoom, the reports and/or forms will be saved in GoFileRoom.

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