GoFileRoom administration

Alerts and notices

The following types of GoFileRoom users can access the Administration menu in the GoFileRoom toolbar, and depending on your group and user permissions, you may see a combination of options.

System Administration



Administration features in GoFileRoom are limited to users who are assigned to one of the following security levels (listed in order from the highest level of access to the lowest).

  • Administrator: Manage users and groups; Customize the Fileroom; Manage Configurations; Configure permissions and document security for users and groups; Manage records; Generate administrative reports; Manage FirmFlow (when set up as a FirmFlow user)
  • User Administrator: Manage users and groups; the Fileroom
  • FirmFlow Administrator: Manage FirmFlow
  • Restricted Drawer Owner: Access Restricted Drawers
  • Records Manager: Manage RecordsFlow

The following table lists the specific features in GoFileRoom that are available to each group or user permission category. Staff with appropriate group and user permissions can access GoFileRoom administrative features via the commands in the Administration menu.

administration privileges table


  • Some groups are set up automatically based on how GoFileRoom is set up.
  • Permissions that you set at the user level override any related permissions that you set at the group level.
  • User-level permissions are more restrictive than related group-level permissions.

Database options

You can request that the following optional features be enabled for your firm’s database. Discuss these features with your consultant to determine what is best for your firm.

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Internal notes

If a firm is requesting that Version Control be enabled for their GoFileRoom database, enter a CF Request that includes the Firm ID and Database ID. Leave your ticket open and follow up with the firm once the CF has processed the request. Once Version Control is enabled for their database, they may activate versioning on each drawer they want to have that functionality.