Managing drop-down lists in GoFileRoom

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If you have administrative privileges, you can modify items that appear in your firm's drop-down lists and import new lookup lists by choosing Administration > Manage Fileroom from the GoFileRoom toolbar, clicking the Lists tab.

Note: To add new drop-down lists or additional levels to an existing lists, contact GoFileRoom Support.

Changing the order in which drop-down list items appear

You can specify how GoFileRoom drop-down lists will be organized by clicking the following options beneath the Level 1 and Level 2 lists in the Lists tab.

Adding items to drop-down lists

  1. Select a drawer from the Drawers field. By default, the first drawer in display order is selected.
  2. In the Level 1 column, select the list to which you want to add values from the Select List field.
  3. Enter the new value in the List Value field and click on the adjacent Add button. The new value will be added to your existing Level 1 list.
  4. To add child values to the new parent value, select the new value from the List area. Type in new child values in the List Value field in the Level 2 area and click Add.
  5. After adding your list values, click Save.

Note: Using three or more levels in a drop-down list increases the complexity of managing the list.

Editing or removing items from drop-down lists

Note: Editing or removing items from drop-down lists may impact indexing information for documents already stored in GoFileRoom.

To edit an item: Select the item, make changes in the List Value field, then click Update.

To remove an item: Select the item and click the Remove button.

To remove all items in a list: Click the Clear All button.

To export list items to a comma-delimited (.csv) file: Click the Export button.

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