Restricting specific IP addresses

Alerts and notices

If you have administrative privileges, you can add authentication at login for specified IP addresses. The authentication process is invisible to your users - unless they attempt to login from an invalid IP address.

To create an IP address restriction, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Administration > Manage Configurations from the GoFileRoom toolbar.
  2. Select the Filter Type (Allow or Deny). If an Allow filter is used, all IP addresses not specified in the rules will be denied access to GoFileRoom even though the user who is attempting to log in may have a valid login. If a Deny filter is added, all IP addresses other than the IP address specified in the rules will be allowed access to GoFileRoom - assuming that the user has valid authentication credentials.

    Note: After you add the first IP restriction rule, all other IP restriction rules will be forced to use the same filter type (allow or deny).

  3. Enter a name in the Filter Name field for the IP restriction rule, so you can identify the rule in the future.
  4. In the IP Range section, enter the IP address range in the From and To fields. To specify a single IP, enter it in both IP range fields.
  5. Click Add to add the IP restriction rule.
  6. Click Save.


  • After you save one or more IP restriction rules, you can edit or remove the rules at any time or clear all saved rules. Note that you must click the Save button to save any edit, remove, or clear all actions.
  • If you need to restrict access to GoFileRoom for a group (for example, a group identifying outsourced personnel), please contact a GoFileRoom Support representative.
  • IP restrictions could impact ClientFlow portal users (for NetClient or legacy ClientFlow portals). If your firm uses ClientFlow, contact GoFileRoom Support prior to implementing any IP restrictions.
  • Changes to IP restrictions will not affect active user sessions. Any new restrictions will take effect for those users after their next login to GoFileRoom.