Adding deliverables to a workflow

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Use the following procedure to add deliverables to your workflow.

  1. In your workflow, on the Deliverables tab, choose Options > Add.
  2. In text field in the Deliverables column, enter a few alphanumeric characters of the title of the deliverable you want to add.
  3. Click the Deliverables Lookup List button.


    • The Deliverables Matching Values list displays a maximum of 20 deliverables per page. You can scroll to view the deliverables not visible on your screen, or type a page number in the box at the top of the screen if the list comprises more than one page.
    • The fewer alphanumeric characters you have entered for the deliverable title, the more choices you will see in the list. However, trying to reduce the number of choices by typing more of the deliverable title can also be a problem. If your entry does not exactly match part of a deliverable title in the list, the Deliverables Matching Values list displays an error message.
    • If the list displays an error message, click the Cancel button at the top of the list. In the FirmFlow Folder screen, re-enter your deliverable title data using fewer characters, or correct any typing mistakes ("1030" instead of "1040," for example) and try again.
    • When you search within the deliverables list, remember that federal forms begin with the form number, such as 1040; State forms begin with the state abbreviation, such as AZ for Arizona.
  4. Select a deliverable from the list by clicking anywhere on the row of the deliverable you wish to add.

    Note: To add multiple deliverables at once, mark the checkbox for each deliverable and click OK.

  5. Make any necessary changes to the default tax year, due dates, and other columns for the new deliverable.


    • Data in the Year, Original Due Date, and Current Due Date fields Can be modified after you click OK, but only when extending a deliverable. This includes re-entering the original due date, if desired.
    • Data in the Attachment, Copies, and eFile fields can be changed after you click OK.
  6. When the data for the new deliverable is correct, click OK in the lower-right corner of the row.

The new deliverable is now visible in the Deliverables list.

If you added an incorrect deliverable, select it, delete it, then add the correct deliverable.

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