Adding workflows

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FirmFlow uses workflows to define the process for moving a client folder among the appropriate people in your firm. You can access your workflows on your My Work screen.

Follow these steps to add a workflow to a FirmFlow folder.

  1. Click the Home link in the GoFileRoom toolbar.
  2. Click the My Tasks tile to open the My Work screen.
  3. In your list of folders, click the one to which you like to add a workflow, and then click the Action icon image icon in the Action column to open the FirmFlow Folder.
  4. Click the Workflow button and choose Add Workflow.
  5. In the Create New Workflow dialog, select the workflow type from the drop-down list in the Workflow field.
  6. Enter a description of the workflow in the Description field.

    Note: To improve reporting and help ensure the proper workflows are rolled forward each year, use a unique description for each new workflow.

  7. Choose the workflow status from the drop-down list in the Status field.
  8. Click OK to create the new workflow.

    Note: The application populates the due date of the new workflow after you add a deliverable.

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