Customizing FirmFlow report results

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The FirmFlow Reports results screen offers several customization options for changing how results are displayed.

  • Viewing results and search criteria side-by-side: Click the slider bar on the left edge of the screen to show or hide the report search area. This allows you to tweak search criteria or run a different report while viewing results from the previous search.
  • Grouping search results: Click and drag a column heading into the Group By area to customize the grouping of results by any column.

    Clicking on the new grouped column heading will re-sort the results by column in the opposite direction as indicated by the arrow at the right of the grouped-by column name. Each succeeding column placed in the GROUP BY section will be tiered and the results will further be sorted by each header placed in the GROUP BY section. There is no limit to the number of headers that can be placed in the GROUP BY section.

    To ungroup the search results, click and drag the header out of the Group By section. The report will refresh and sort by the remaining report headers

  • Sorting search results: To sort the search results, click on any column header. A small arrow will appear beside the column header, and the list will be sorted in ascending order

    To sort in descending order, click on the same column header a second time. The small arrow reverses direction, and the list is resorted in the opposite order

    Note: The sort order of the search results list is retained between GoFileRoom sessions for the current user.

  • Paginating search results: Select the preferred display from the Workflows drop-down list at the top-right of the screen to customize how many workflows are displayed per page. The number of results displayed per page can be changed to 20, 50, or 150.

Additionally, you can customize the columns that appear in the report results using the same procedure as for customizing the search area columns.

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