Customizing the FirmFlow Reports search area

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You can customize the search area on the FirmFlow Report screen to exclude non-applicable fields or adjust the positions of fields.

Note: Search area changes are user specific, and will be retained until the user makes further changes.

  1. From the FirmFlow Reports search screen, choose Options > Set Preferences.
  2. In the Custom Preferences Popup window, use the checkboxes to include or exclude fields in the report results.


    • If you hide (by unmarking the checkboxes) search criteria that have values, they will not be used as search criteria. Only visible criteria will be used in searches.
    • Required fields and those dependent on the required fields are grayed out and therefore not available for customization.
  3. If necessary, re-order the criteria by clicking the up or down arrows to the left of the each column's checkbox.

    Note: The column names shown top-to-bottom represent the left-to-right order on the report results.

  4. Click OK to save your changes.

Note: You can restore the application default settings by clicking the Reset button within the Custom Preference Popup window.

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