Enabling detailed FirmFlow routing notifications

Alerts and notices

If you have administrative privileges, you can enable detailed routing notifications for users who elect to receive user or group email notifications for FirmFlow workflows associated with a FirmFlow-enabled drawer.

  1. Choose Administration > Manage FirmFlow from the GoFileRoom toolbar.
  2. Select a drawer from the Drawer field and click the Notification Settings tab.
  3. Mark the Detailed Routing Notification checkbox.
  4. Click the Multi-value search Multi-value search button button for the Notification Subject field, mark the checkboxes for the subject details that you want to include, and click OK.
  5. In the Notification Content section, mark the checkboxes for the details that you want to include in the body of each notification email.
  6. Click Save.

Note: The settings in the Administration > Manage FirmFlow > Notification Settings tab do not affect workflow notifications that are set up in the Notification Rules portlet of the GoFileRoom Home screen.