Exporting FirmFlow reports

Alerts and notices

After running a report, you can export the results as a PDF or CSV file, or open the results directly in Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Excel. All users who have access to run a report can also export the report.

Note: You will receive a notification when the FirmFlow report export limit of 250,000 records has been reached.

  1. Run the desired report.
  2. After the results are displayed, customize the report results.
  3. Select the columns that you want to export.
  4. Click Options and choose Export Report to create a spreadsheet, or choose Export Report to PDF to create a PDF.
  5. In the prompt that appears, click Save to save the file, or Open to open it in Excel or Acrobat.

If the application detects that the exported report contains between 20,000 and 250,000 records, you are prompted to enter a set of indexes for the report to be saved in GoFileRoom. As soon as the file has been created and indexed, you can download the file.

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