Extending deliverables in a new workflow

Alerts and notices

  • Your firm is responsible for maintaining the correct due date information. Always verify that the extension date is correct for each deliverable.
  • You can extended a deliverable again, if necessary, and you can manually edit the due date. This will negate automatic extension dates for that instance of that deliverable if the dates exist on the deliverables list.

To extend deliverables in a new workflow:

  1. In the Deliverables tab of the FirmFlow Folder screen, mark the checkboxes for the deliverables you want to extend.
  2. Click Options and choose Extend.
  3. In the Extend Deliverables Confirmation dialog, verify or change the extension date in the Extended to field.

    Note: If more than one deliverable was selected, "Use Next Date on List" appears in the Extended to field. In this case, the default extension date for each deliverable is used. If you enter a different date in the Extended to field, that date will be used for all selected deliverables.

  4. Choose a workflow using the drop-down list in the Create new Workflow field.
  5. To add an extension deliverables to the new workflow, mark the Select Extension Deliverables checkbox.
  6. Click OK to extend the deliverables and add the workflow.

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