Filtering workflows to which you are assigned

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To filter workflows in the My Work screen, select a drawer from the Drawer drop-down list, click the Assigned to field and choose one of the following items.

  • <Your name>: Choose this item to view workflows that are assigned to you and on which you are currently working.
  • <Group name> Choose a group to view workflows from groups of which you are a member.

    This is useful for when you review workflows or for when you need to work on a workflow that is currently assigned to someone else.

  • <Your name> - Future Work: Choose this item to filter the list to show workflows that have been routed past the first workflow step, but not yet routed to you (based on pre-populated workflow-step routing assignments).

Note: You can route a workflow to yourself so that you can view it in the My Work screen.

Additional filtering options in the My Work screen

Choose an item from the Service Type drop-down list to show only workflows with the selected service type.

Note: By default, workflows for all service types are visible.

Choose an item from the Status drop-down list to filter workflows by status.

Note: To select multiple values, click the multi-value button next to the Status drop-down list.

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