FirmFlow information fields

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You can add, change, or delete important information about a workflow for a specific drawer using the Information tab. The information fields can include folder-based and workflow-based fields built into GoFileRoom and fields created by your GoFileRoom administrator specifically for your organization.

To work with the information fields, from the My Work screen, click a workflow and then click the Information tab.

Two columns of fields are shown: folder-based fields (common to all workflows in the folder), and workflow-based fields.

Note: One or both columns may display additional or different fields for your organization.

Working with information fields

These fields, whether built in or added for your organization, receive data using one of three methods: direct input, drop-down list, or calendar.

Direct input fields

A direct input field displays no input tool beside it.

Autocomplete fields

Autocomplete fields are indicated with "Type user" or "Type user or group" in grey text. When you start typing in an autocomplete field, a list of up to 15 GoFileRoom user and/or group names that include your text appears, allowing you to quickly select the desired user or group for the current field.

Drop-down lists

Note: Drop-down lists containing users are are not configurable; they are based on the full names of all FirmFlow-enabled users in the system.

A drop-down list field shows a drop-down list arrow beside it.

Calendar fields

A calendar field displays a calendar button beside it.

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