Importing FirmFlow folders

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The Bulk Import feature allows GoFileRoom Administrators to streamline the creation of a high volume of FirmFlow folders thus saving time and ensuring a higher level of accuracy.


  • The maximum number of FirmFlow folders that can be imported in a single batch is 3000.
  • FirmFlow supports the import of 8000 records for most database configurations, but there may be some variations in this limit due to the number of folder and workflow custom fields that your firm has configured.

To create folders in bulk, follow these steps.

  1. Create an import spreadsheet for each type of workflow defined for your GoFileRoom FirmFlow implementation.
  2. Choose Administration > Manage FirmFlow from the GoFileRoom toolbar.
  3. Select a Drawer from the Drawer drop-down list and click the Folder Administration tab.
  4. Select Bulk Import from the Process drop-down list.
  5. Select a service type, workflow, and group or user from the Assigned to drop-down list.
  6. Click the Import Import button image button to open the Import dialog.
  7. Click Browse to locate the import spreadsheet that you created in Step 1.
  8. Select the appropriate file, and then click Open.
  9. Click the Save button to complete the import.

You will receive a status email containing a success message or an itemization of problems in the spreadsheet. Successfully imported sheets will be queued for processing overnight. For information on troubleshooting import errors, see Troubleshooting FirmFlow folder import errors.

General guidelines

  • The bulk import process requires data values to precisely match the existing data in GoFileRoom. For example, if a PIC user name in GoFileRoom is "David Warner," then a value of "Dave Warner" will cause the folder to be rejected.
  • Use the Copy and Paste Windows functions to ensure that the values in the Excel spreadsheet are identical to the GoFileRoom values.
  • If the spreadsheet is a data dump, please copy all of the cells with data in your spreadsheet and paste them into a new spreadsheet to ensure that no binary data is included.
  • Make sure that your checklists are finalized prior to importing FirmFlow folders. We will not be able to append the checklists after import.

Data import guidelines

Use these guidelines for populating data into the spreadsheet's columns.

  • Client Number
    • The Client Number must exist in the client Lookup list.
    • Do not use formulas to calculate the Client Number. (For example, "Client Number & "." & Client Engagement.)
  • Workflow Description: A description of the workflow within the folder (free form text).
  • Type of Engagement: Specify a Type of Engagement (File Section index value) that is already configured in GoFileRoom.
  • PIC: The PIC field must exactly match the full name of a GoFileRoom user that belongs to the PIC group, e.g. "David Warner" (not the email address). The PIC user also needs to be part of the PIC group in GoFileRoom.
  • Period End: When specifying the Period End (Year End) for folders, be sure that the cells are not formatted as Date fields, which also contain year information. GoFileRoom expects the Period End values as a five character text field: "MM/DD". You will need to change the cell format to "text" before entering the values.
  • Year: Ensure that the Year field is stored in Excel as a four digit value; not as a date, e.g."2019".
  • Form
    • The Form field is optional. You may leave the Form and Due Date blank to create a folder that contains no Forms.
    • Values of forms must exactly match values in the FirmFlow Deliverables list. Use the Windows Copy and Paste function to ensure exact spelling.
    • If the deliverable that you need is not currently in the FirmFlow list, you can create it prior to running the bulk import process.
    • To add multiple deliverables to the workflow, create an additional row for each form in the spreadsheet with identical field values except for the Form and Due Date information.
  • Due date: This field is required if a form is specified; the Due Date field needs to be in a full date format. E.g. 4/15/2019.
  • Workflow Steps
    • Create a column header for each workflow step you have defined in FirmFlow. E.g. Folder Setup, Preparation, Scanning, etc. The number of columns must exactly match the number of workflow steps.
    • The user names assigned to the steps must exactly match the GoFileRoom full user names (not email address). Use the Copy & Paste function from the GoFileRoom Manage Users & Groups Administration screen to ensure that the spelling is accurate. These users also must be members of the FirmFlow User group.
  • Custom Fields: Specify value for custom fields configured.
    • Date Fields: Values must follow a mm/dd/yyyy format.
    • Drop down fields: values must be exactly as specified in the list
    • User List fields: values must match the user name (not email address) as defined in the User Administration screen.
    • Text fields: this field will accept any valid text value.

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