Merging FirmFlow documents

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You can merge PDF documents created with Adobe Acrobat from within FirmFlow. The new document will contain the contents of both original documents and it will use the title and index values of the primary document, as defined in the merge process.

  1. From the My Work screen, click a workflow and then click the Documents tab.
  2. Select the documents you wish to merge by marking the checkboxes at the left-hand edge of the document list.

    Note: You cannot merge documents created by any application other than Adobe Acrobat, and you can merge from two to 12 Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents only.

    Important! If you select any non-PDF documents or a single PDF document, Merge will not be available in the Options menu.

  3. Click Options and choose Merge.
  4. In the Merge Documents dialog, use the up and down arrows to move each document up or down in the merge sequence.

    Important! The final merged document will be identified by the index values describing the uppermost document in the merge sequence.

  5. Click OK to start the merge.
  6. Click OK when notified that you are about to merge.
  7. Click OK again to return to the FirmFlow Folder screen.

    Note: When this dialog appears, your documents are already being merged; clicking OK merely closes the window. The length of time required to merge the documents is dependant on the number and size of the documents being merged.

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