Preparing and printing tax workpapers in SurePrep

Alerts and notices

If you are assigned to the Preparation step in a workflow, you can access the tax workpapers in SurePrep by clicking the SurePrep button in the FirmFlow Folder screen.


  • If the SurePrep button is not visible, SurePrep may not be implemented for your firm. see your GoFileRoom Administrator for more information.
  • The status for all SurePrep documents in the current workflow is displayed at the top of the FirmFlow Folder screen.

You can then prepare the tax workpapers in SurePrep and print them to GoFileRoom, where they can be accessed as PDFs for the remaining workflow steps.

For information on how to use SurePrep features, refer to the Customer Support area of the SurePrep website.

Note: The document type for workpapers prepared in SurePrep is automatically indexed to "Dream Workpapers" when workpapers are printed to GoFileRoom.

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