Printing workflow control sheets

Alerts and notices

You can easily print one or more sections of the control sheet. Control sheets allow you to print all the data and information entered into the forms, checklists, delivery instructions, notes, information, and routing information sections of the workflow.

To print a control sheet:

  1. In the FirmFlow Folder screen, click the Workflow menu and select Control Sheet.
  2. In the Print Control Sheet dialog, mark the checkboxes for the control sheet sections that you want to print.
  3. Click OK to print the sections.

    Note: Note that once you specify the control sheet printing choices, the application will remember your preferences and will select the preferred checkboxes by default. Users can override these default settings.

  4. Click Print to print the control sheet.

    We recommend the best practice of printing the Control Sheet to GoFileRoom. To do so, select the GoFileRoom printer, click Print, and complete the Index fields as appropriate in the Print to GoFileRoom dialog.

Complete the printing process by choosing the appropriate information in the print dialog and then clicking Print to print the control sheet.

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