Replying to FirmFlow notes

Alerts and notices

You can reply to a note in order to provide a response to an original note. This would be equivalent to providing a resolution to a point.

To reply to a note:

  1. In the My Work screen, click a workflow and then click the Notes tab.
  2. Select the note that requires response by marking its checkbox.
  3. Click Options and choose Reply to Note or Reply with Quote.

    The note's type (Assembly, Delivery, Permanent, Review, or any custom note types) will be automatically inherited from its parent note; however you may change it if desired.

  4. Click OK to save the note.


  • To quickly respond to a note, use the Reply icon found within the note. This is equivalent to choosing Reply to Note.
  • If Reply with Quote is chosen than the selected note's contents will be appended to your response.
  • If the note is lengthy (and thus wraps at the end of the window), the scroll bar at the right edge of the Notes window allows you to access the hidden portions of the note.
  • After the response note has been added, an automatic sequential reference number is inherited from its parent note, audit information, and date and time stamps are included to the note. Responses are shaded to improve associated notes with their responses.

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