Routing a workflow

Alerts and notices

To route a workflow to a reviewer or a co-worker, follow these steps.

  1. Click the Route button. The browser displays the Route FirmFlow Workflow dialog, and the Current Step area of the dialog indicates which step the workflow is currently in.
  2. In the Current Step section, make any necessary changes to mark steps as complete.
  3. Verify that the group or individual assigned to the next step in the workflow is selected in the Assigned To Group and/or Assigned To Person fields.
    • To route the workflow to a common queue or routing pool, you only need to select the group in the Assigned To Group field.
    • You can use the Assigned To Group field to filter the names that appear in the Assigned To Person field, such as when you are trying to route to someone who works in a particular office.
  4. Type or paste any appropriate notes in the Routing Note field.
  5. Click OK to route the workflow.


  • You can change the next workflow step to a later one (normal flow) or an earlier one (if, for example, the return needs an additional review cycle). To change the next workflow step, choose the next step from the drop-down list in the Next Step window.
  • You can route a workflow into the current step. When routing to yourself, no notification email is sent since the originator and recipient are identical.
  • You can change the priority of the workflow. To change the priority, choose the appropriate priority from the drop-down list in the Priority window.
  • You can change the status of the workflow. To change the status, choose the appropriate status from the drop-down list in the Status window.

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