Using SurePrep to organize tax workpapers

Alerts and notices

If your firm is licensed for SurePrep products, staff members can use SurePrep integration features in FirmFlow to process, organize, and prepare tax workpapers within assigned workflow steps, as follows.

  1. The responsible staff member chooses "SurePrep Source Documents" as the document type when entering index values for workpapers during the Organize step of a workflow. The workpapers are then automatically submitted to SurePrep for OCR processing and organization. The workflow remains at the SurePrep step until SurePrep processing is complete.


    • Staff members can also designate workpapers for SurePrep processing when re-indexing them.
    • The status for all SurePrep documents in the current workflow is displayed at the top of the FirmFlow Folder screen. Example.
      SurePrep status
  2. After SurePrep processing is complete, the workflow will automatically be routed to the Preparation step.
  3. After receiving a notification, the assigned staff member can then prepare workpapers in SurePrep and print them to GoFileRoom where the workpapers can be accessed as PDFs for the remaining steps in the workflow.

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