Setting up SurePrep integration in GoFileRoom

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Before you perform this procedure, verify that GoFileRoom Support has enabled SurePrep integration features for your firm.

If you have administrative privileges, you can follow this procedure to set up SurePrep integration.

To enable SurePrep integration, you must first create a new workflow named 'SurePrep Tax Return' that contains the steps 'SurePrep' and 'Preparation.'

  1. Choose Administration > Manage FirmFlow from the GoFileRoom toolbar and click the Lists tab.
  2. Select a drawer from the drop-down list for the Drawer field.
  3. Choose Tax from the Service field and choose Workflows and Steps from the List field.
  4. In the Workflow pane, enter SurePrep Tax Return and click the Add button.

    Note: SUREPREP TAX RETURN will appear in the Workflow pane in all uppercase characters.

  5. In the Workflow Steps pane, enter steps in the provided field and click the Add button after each entry. The following workflow steps are a best-practice recommendation.

    You must include the 'SurePrep' and 'Preparation' steps in your SurePrep workflow for integration to work properly.

    1. Project Setup
    2. Organize
    3. SurePrep
    4. Preparation
    5. Manager Review
    6. Review Comments
    7. Partner Review
    8. Assembly
    9. Signature
    10. Delivery
    11. Client Approval (E-File)
    12. Government Approval (E-File)
    13. Completed
  6. Click the Configuration tab.
  7. Choose Tax from the Service field, choose Workflows from the Category field, and select the SurePrep Tax Return workflow from Select a Workflow to configure field.
  8. We recommend that you choose Project Setup for the first workflow step and Completed for the final workflow step.

    Note: The Scan Workflow step is not required for this workflow; however, existing workflows must continue to use the scanning step to enable automatic routing features.

  9. Click the Go Back Go Back button button in the GoFileRoom toolbar, click the Manage Fileroom button, and click the Lists tab.
  10. Choose File Section from the Select List field in the Level 1 column and select Individual Tax 1040 in the List pane.
  11. Enter the following document types in the Level 2 column, clicking the Add button after each entry. Note that the first entry is a list separator for the SurePrep document types.Show me.
    SurePrep document types
    • ------------SurePrep----------
    • SurePrep Source Documents
    • Dream Workpapers
  12. Click Save button, click the Go Back Go Back button button in the GoFileRoom toolbar, and click the Manage FirmFlow button.
  13. Click the Configuration tab and then mark the Enable SurePrep Integration checkbox.
  14. Click the Save button.

In addition to setting up SurePrep integration features, you must also create notification rules for SurePrep.

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