FirmFlow overview

The FirmFlow module allows your firm to implement a completely digital process throughout the firm that can be monitored from start to finish.

For example, FirmFlow allows you to automate the routing of all client source documents, workpapers, and returns so that proper parties can prepare, review, and approve documents as needed. FirmFlow also helps automate all your business processes, including tax, audit, consulting, financial services, litigation support, and others to streamline any client engagement.

With FirmFlow you can:

  • Enjoy an easy setup with a familiar interface: FirmFlow creates virtual folders based on the type of engagement. For example, when working on individual tax engagements, the application creates a folder that contains all tax documents, checklists, control sheets, forms with due dates, staff assignments, routing details, preparer and reviewer notes, delivery instructions, and sign-off.
  • Standardize all business processes so that every employee is following the same procedures, ensuring consistency and compliance throughout the firm.
  • Increase productivity: All files are electronically and systematically routed and tracked, eliminating the manual and physical movement of work.
  • Improve collaboration within a single or multi-office firm: FirmFlow allows staff to share files and communicate effectively.
  • Enjoy real-time reporting and status: FirmFlow offers numerous reporting options so you can maintain up-to-the-minute status on all your client engagements.
  • Better manage client engagements: Ensure you have the right people working on the right tasks. FirmFlow allows you to quickly adjust workloads as needed.
  • Enjoy the system's built-in due date monitoring capabilities: Ensure that you never miss a deadline.

FirmFlow administration

You can access the FirmFlow administration area by choosing Administration > Manage FirmFlow from the GoFileRoom toolbar if all of the following conditions apply.

  • You have administrative privileges
  • You are a FirmFlow user
  • You are a member of the FirmFlow group
  • You have read access to the Clients drawer

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