Updating the Deliverables list

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You may need to update the Deliverables list to reflect changes to compliance due dates. If you have administrative privileges, you can quickly update the Deliverables list by following these steps.

Note: If you’d like to update your entire Master Deliverable list, please see Importing the deliverables list.

  1. Open a workflow and click the Deliverables tab.
  2. Click the Options drop-down list near the top of the tab and choose Add.
  3. Click the lookup list Lookup list button button.
  4. In the Deliverables Matching Values, mark the checkbox for the deliverable that you want to update, right-click, and choose Modify Deliverable from the context menu.
  5. Update the deliverable information as needed and click Save.
  6. Click OK twice to confirm your changes.
  7. Verify that your changes have been made in the Deliverables Matching Values dialog and click OK.


  • You can add a deliverable only if a workflow is assigned to you and is not in the completed stage.
  • Items that you add to the deliverables list using this method will be overwritten anytime a new list is imported via the Administration > Manage FirmFlow > Lists tab.
  • You can preserve items that you add to the deliverables list by exporting the deliverables list via the Administration > Manage FirmFlow > Lists tab.

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