Working with FirmFlow checklists

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The checklist can include general information about different types of engagements, along with questions about income, deductions, depreciation and amortization, tax computation and credits, etc. You can easily determine if you have inquired about and checked all relevant information for this engagement, as well as entering the status of and comments about any item, using the checklist. You can easily add, change, or delete information from the checklist, track the history of any entry in the checklist, and print the checklist for double-checking or filing purposes.

To access the checklist, click on the Checklist tab on the FirmFlow Folder screen.

Entering checklist information

You can easily add information about the items in the checklist using the radio buttons and the item information window. To add checklist information, select the desired checklist item by scrolling to it.

Marking a checklist item

Click on one of the radio buttons to change the status of a checklist item. This determines whether you have or have not performed that step in the checklist, or whether the item is not applicable to this engagement.

Adding comments to checklist items

Click in the item information window and type or paste information about the item.

Changing checklist information

You can easily change information about the items in the checklist. To change information, change the radio button setting and/or change the data in the item information window.

Tracking checklist history

You can easily track the history of any entry in the checklist.

The History section displays the name of the user that created or changed a checklist entry and the date and time the checklist entry was created or changed.

Printing Checklist Information

Use the control sheet to print out the checklist and all its added notations.

Resetting Checklists

There is no Undo function when resetting checklists.

You can reset checklist(s) for a single workflow, multiple workflows, or all workflows. Resetting the checklist, will purge any existing values in the checklist and will refresh the checklist with a new version of the checklist as defined in the Administration module.

  1. From the FirmFlow - My Work screen, select the workflow(s) whose checklist(s) you wish to reset.
  2. Right-click and choose Reset Checklists.
  3. Click OK to reset the checklist(s).
  4. Click OK to return to the FirmFlow - My Work screen.

    Note: When this dialog appears, your checklist(s) are already reset; clicking OK merely closes the window.

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