Working with FirmFlow folders

Alerts and notices

FirmFlow folders are defined by the properties that can be set when creating a new folder or editing an existing one. These unique identifiers include the following:

  • Client Information (Client Name and Client Number)
  • Engagement Type
  • PIC (Person-in-Charge) of the Engagement
  • Year
  • Period End (The last date of a tax period, often 12/31.)
  • Type of Workflow
  • Workflow's Description
  • Workflow's Status

In addition, with the necessary permissions, you can also work with the following items.

  • Project Deliverables
  • Documents
  • Checklist
  • Delivery Instructions
  • Notes
  • Customized Information Fields
  • Routing Information and Pre-Assignments

Note: All FirmFlow folder data, including dates, index fields, information fields, and field names and their values are determined by the selected drawer.

Changing an existing FirmFlow folder

You can readily enter or change information on the FirmFlow Folder screen.


  • The Documents tab in the FirmFlow folder will display any documents having the same index values as the folder header: Client Name, Client Number, Engagement Type, File Section, and Year.
  • If you make any changes to the header in the Documents tab and then navigate to another section of the workflow, GoFileRoom will notify you that all documents will be re-indexed using the new header values. For example, if you change the Date filed information at the top of the workflow screen and then navigate away from the Documents tab, you will be prompted to re-index all documents to the new date. Click OK to proceed and re-index documents or click Cancel to stop the navigation and prevent re-indexing.
  • Clicking Cancel will not revert changes made to the fields on the FirmFlow Folder screen. If you cannot recall the original settings, click the browser Back button to return you to your My Work screen. Using the browser Back button will revert any and all changes made to the fields on the FirmFlow Folder screen and you will not be able to recover them.

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