Configuring enhanced search features

Alerts and notices

You can change how documents are displayed in each drawer within the Document Explorer. You can also designate which columns are visible for documents that appear in the search results list.

Customizing the Document Explorer pane view

Note: These Explorer Settings will impact your future searches. The search results will display only the documents for which the keyword search meets the First group by and Then by criteria.

  1. Choose Search Documents > Document Explorer from the GoFileRoom toolbar.
  2. Click the Explorer Settings Explorer settings button button at the top of the Document Explorer pane.
  3. Select a drawer from the Name drop-down list.
  4. Select an index in the First group by section. This is the index by which the items in the Document Explorer pane will be grouped.

    Note: If you group items by an index value that is associated with a lookup list (client name or client number), you can choose to also show linked values. For example, if you group by Client Name, you can mark the Show Client Number checkbox to show the client number in the same field.

  5. (Optional) In the Then by sections, you can select up to two more levels by which to group the items.
  6. Click OK.


Select the following settings to group your Clients drawer search results by client name then by year, and to search for the search keyword in the Document Type index.

Explorer Settings dialog

Customizing the search results list

Note: The buttons in the ribbon are active only when the search results list is populated.

  1. Perform a search.
  2. Click the Grid Settings button on the ribbon in the right pane.
  3. In Grid Settings dialog, click the Add or Remove button to move columns between the two panes so that the resulting list in the right pane includes only those columns you want to display in the search results.
  4. In the right pane, click the up or down arrows to place the columns in the desired order.
  5. In the Sort By section, select the index by which to sort the search results and the order (ascending or descending) in which to sort them.
  6. Click OK.

Note: To restore the default grid settings, click the Reset button in the Grid Settings dialog.

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