Current limitations in the browser-independent version of GoFileRoom

Alerts and notices

The following is a list of known issues and limitations in the browser-independent version of GoFileRoom that we are currently working on. We will update this list periodically.

View Documents

  • Files stored on a local network drive cannot be opened from within GoFileRoom.
  • If you are using annotations in View mode, you must choose Save in the toolbar to save your changes prior to closing the view.
  • To save Stamp, Rubber Stamp, and attachment annotations, you must open them in Edit mode, as they cannot be applied to documents in View mode, as expected.
  • If you save a document from View mode, it will download as a PDF instead of it's native format. You can download documents in their native format from the search results grid instead.
  • Currently, the following file types cannot be viewed.
    File types
    ac qbm
    ac_ qbw
    accdb qbx
    docm qby
    exe tvalue
    htm wav
    qbb zip


To be able to edit files in GoFileRoom, you must install the latest GoFileRoom Client Add-in (v.19.0.4 or higher).

Document Search (New)

  • Text searches from the Index Search screen are currently not working as expected.

Document Explorer view

  • New saved searches cannot be created when you are in Document Explorer view.

Classic Search

  • Documents with special characters cannot be moved, copied, or re-indexed.


  • Saving or printing documents as a PDF in Chrome result in a lower quality PDF than when using Internet Explorer.

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