Using classic GoFileRoom search features

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Follow these steps to perform a search using classic search features.

To be able to edit files in GoFileRoom, you must install the latest GoFileRoom Client Add-in from (v.19.0.4 or higher).

  1. Choose Search Documents > Classic Search from the GoFileRoom toolbar.
  2. If necessary, select the drawer in which you want to search from the Drawer drop-down list.
  3. Enter search criteria in fields within the Indexes or Find Text areas of the Search screen.


    • If an index field includes a Lookup list button Lookup list button and lookup lists are linked (as established by your firm), you can enter an index value and click the button to populate other index fields with related values.
    • Index fields that include a Multi-value search button Multi-value search button allow you to perform searches with multiple values. To search using multiple index values, enter or select an index value, click the Multi-value search button, mark the checkboxes for the additional values you want to include in the current field, and click OK. You can also select multiple index values in any available Lookup lists.
  4. Click the Search button.

    The search results list shows all documents that match your search criteria. You can re-order search results by clicking the column headings.

    You can do the following with each document in the search results list: view, edit, email, copy, archive, and more. For more information, see Working with GoFileRoom documents.


  • GoFileRoom hides index fields when it displays search results. To view the index fields, click the Show / Hide indexes control bar. Do not click the Back arrow button in the GoFileRoom toolbar, unless you want to leave the Search screen.
  • To search for documents in multiple drawers, you must have appropriate permissions for each drawer that you want to search. For more information, see your GoFileRoom administrator.
  • To clear all index fields in the Search screen, click the Clear button.
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