Using the Document Search features

The Document Search feature provides a new way to search for documents in GoFileRoom.  It combines the features that are available in both Document Explorer with those in and Classic Search.

To be able to edit files in GoFileRoom, you must install the latest GoFileRoom Client Add-in from (v.19.0.4 or higher).

Choose Search Documents > Document Search (tagged with a "NEW" badge).

Note: The same commands are available from the right-click context menu and the toolbar menus.

Choosing your preferred Document Search view

GoFileRoom offers two views in the Document Search screen that you can easily alternate between—Document Explorer view, which is similar to Document Explorer, and Index Search view, which is similar to Classic Search.

Use the Document Search toggle to select your preferred search method.

Search toggle image

Searching for documents in Explorer view

Follow these steps to perform searches using Document Search features with Document Explorer view enabled.

Enter a search term in the Search field.

To display available documents in the Search results grid, expand the applicable drawer and/or folder and select an item in the Search pane.


  • You can click the Settings explorer settings button in the Search pane to customize the display order in the Search results grid.

Searching for documents in Classic view

Follow these steps to perform a search using Document Search features with Classic search view enabled.

  1. Select the drawer in which you want to search from the Drawer drop-down list.
  2. Enter search criteria in fields in the Indexes or Find Text sections of the Search pane.
  3. Click the Search button to display the results in the Search results grid.

Notes on search features

  • As you enter text in the Search pane, the application reduces the list of items available in the drop-down to only those that match the search text. 
  • You can include wildcards (*) in index values when performing searches.
  • You can click the Save Search save search button button to save the current search. See Saving Document Search criteria for details.
  • Document Search retains the Index Search criteria and results when you switch to Document Explorer view.
  • Data in the sticky fields in the Index Search view will be used to generate the grid results by default, therefore Document Search does not retain the Document Explorer criteria and results when you switch to the Index Search view.
  • The search results list shows all documents that match your search criteria. You can re-order search results by clicking the column headings.
  • You can do the following with each document in the search results list: view, edit, email, copy, archive, and more. For more information, see Document Search features overview.
  • You can click the vertical border between the two panes to show or hide the Search pane.
  • Do not click the Back arrow  go back button button in the GoFileRoom toolbar, unless you want to leave the Document Search screen.
  • To search for documents in multiple drawers, you must have appropriate permissions for each drawer that you want to search. For more information, see User permissions.

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