GoFileRoom Home screen overview

Alerts and notices

The GoFileRoom Home Home Screen New link image screen provides a single area from which you can quickly access workflow-related tools and features via tiles that are available at the top of the Home screen.

Click the Home New link image link in the GoFileRoom toolbar to open the Home screen.

Home screen tiles

  • My Alerts - Notification Rules tile. You can choose to have notifications emailed to you automatically. Alerts are displayed in the My Alerts screen..
    • Click the My Alerts tile to display your alerts in the Home screen.
    • Click the Notification Rules link to display the Notification Rules that have been created.

    For details, see Adding notification rules for documents and workpapers.

  • My Tasks (routed to me) - My Work
    • Click the My Tasks tile to display tasks that are assigned to you.
    • Click the My Work link to open the My Work screen.

    For details, see Accessing your assigned work from the Home screen.

  • My Recent Documents - Search
    • Click the My Recent Documents tile to display documents from a selected drawer that you've edited, viewed, scanned, or indexed.
    • Click the Search link to open Document Search screen. This screen enables you to search via the Index Search search (Classic search), or via the Document Explorer.

    For details, see Using the Document Search features.

  • My Links
    • Click the My Links tile to display your preferred external websites.

    For details, see My Links overview.

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