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If you are licensed for GoSystem Tax RS, you can store your client's tax returns from GoSystem Tax RS in GoFileRoom as bookmarked PDFs.

Note: This feature requires that workstations have the latest GoFileRoom Adobe Acrobat Add-In installed

Assigning a DMS client number to a GoSystem Tax tax return

To establish a link between the GoSystem Tax RS database and GoFileRoom, you must assign a DMS client number to the tax return database by accessing and updating the Document Management System Information screen in GoSystem Tax RS.

  1. Log into GoSystem Tax RS.
  2. Search for and select a tax return by marking the checkbox next to the subject tax return.
  3. Click the Update DMS Information link in the Returns menu.
  4. In the Document Management System Information screen, enter the GoFileRoom Client Number in the DMS Client Number field that corresponds to this tax return.

    Verify that the value entered as the DMS Client Number exists in GoFileRoom, otherwise you may not be able to add the tax return.

  5. Click the Update button to save the corresponding client number.

Adding a GoSystem Tax tax return to GoFileRoom as a bookmarked PDF

If you are using GoSystem Tax RS to view a tax return, you can store it in GoFileRoom using the File > Print command.

  1. With a return open in GoSystem Tax RS, choose File > Print Entire Return.
  2. Select Print at the top of the locator.
  3. Choose All Returns, or the specific items to print.
  4. Select Send to GoFileRoom or Create.

    If you select Create, you can open the PDF file and choose certain pages to send to GoFileRoom from the preview.

  5. Log in to GoFileRoom, if prompted.
  6. Add index values and click the Save button.

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