GoFileRoom Control Panel setup and integration

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Enabling the GoFileRoom ControlPanel

Use the following procedure to enable Microsoft Outlook integration with GoFileRoom so that you can easily upload documents.

  1. Verify that you have installed the latest version of the GoFileRoom Client Add-In.
  2. Close Microsoft Outlook.
  3. Click the Start button and choose All Programs > GoFileRoom > Enable Control Panel Outlook Integration.
  4. In the dialog that opens, click the Install button.
  5. Click Close when the installation is complete.

Setting up the GoFileRoom ControlPanel

Use the following procedure to set up the ControlPanel.

  1. Open the GoFileRoom ControlPanel GoFileRoom icon image from the Start menu in Windows.
  2. If required, enter your login ID and password.
  3. Select the following options on the Configurations tab of the GoFileRoom ControlPanel window.

    Configuration tab image

    Note: Be sure to enter a period "." in the field next to the Mapping delimiter (Other) drop-down list.

  4. Click the Save  Save button image button before you exit the Configurations tab.

Note: The new Add-Ins are listed in Outlook in the File > Options > Add-Ins pane as GFRCPOutlookIntegration and Thomson Reuters WorkFlow Tools.

Sending documents to GoFileRoom

The GoFileRoom ControlPanel Add-in allows you to  send a single file, multiple files, or an entire folder to GoFileRoom by dragging and dropping it onto a desktop shortcut.

You can change your default email preferences so that emails are saved based on your needs. GoFileRoom profiles can be used when you move documents from your desktop, network location, C:\ drive, and so forth.

Right-click the folder or document and choose Send to > GoFileRoom, and then select the profile that you want to use. For more information, see Sending documents to GoFileRoom.

You can also drag profiles to a GoFileRoom ControlPanel desktop shortcut. Alternatively, you can drag-and-drop files from Windows to GoFileRoom using the cabinet icon on your Windows desktop.

  1. Create a folder on your C:\ drive, called GoFileRoom Profiles.
  2. Drag the profiles that you have created into the GoFileRoom Profiles folder on the C:\ drive.
  3. Right-click your Windows taskbar and choose Toolbars > New toolbar.
  4. Navigate to the GoFileRoom Profiles folder, and then click the Select Folder button to create a new GoFileRoom Profiles taskbar.

Changing profile settings

Because the default profile is set to Send to GoFileRoom when the GoFileRoom ControlPanel is installed with the GoFileRoom Client Add-in, you'll need to make the following changes in the Profile Settings dialog as follows.

  1. From the Start menu in Windows, open the GoFileRoom ControlPanel.
  2. Click the Settings Settings button image button in the Profiles tab in the GoFileRoom ControlPanel screen.
  3. Set up your profiles as follows.

    Profile Settings dialog image


  • Users can set up additional profiles by clicking the New Profile New Profile button button on the Profiles tab. When documents are uploaded in this manner, they can be viewed immediately on the Batches tab of the GoFileRoom ControlPanel.
  • Documents other than Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Adobe documents that get stuck as "Checked out" can be checked back in via the Local files tab in the GoFileRoom ControlPanel.
  • When you are already logged into the GoFileRoom ControlPanel, you can click the GoFileRoom Quick Launch  quick launch icon image icon in the Windows taskbar to quickly log into www.gofileroom.com.

Example profiles

Profile set up per entity type

The following is a example profile saved as client ID 8879 for a PDF of the same name. This illustrates how you can set up a profile for each type of entity, scan each signed 8879 separately into a folder on you desktop and the save it with their client IDs. (There is a setting in UltraTax CS that allows you to print the client ID at the top of the page.)

At the end of the day, perform the following actions.

  1. Drag the specified folder to the profile, or right click the folder, and choose Send to > GoFileRoom.
  2. Select the profile and click OK to upload it to GoFileRoom.
  3. Verify that the upload was successful by clicking the Batches tab in the GoFileRoom ControlPanel.

ControlPanel Profile tab image

Profile for a client that sends numerous emails to the firm

In this example, the client (Construction Designs) sends numerous emails, as a client to the firm. The following profile would be setup by a member of the firm that works with that client.

ControlPanel Profile tab image2

Profile for a staff member that works with 1120S clients

In this example, a staff member of the firm works on numerous 1120S returns in their role at the firm. In the following example profile, the staff needs only to add the client name/ID as they index, without the need to index all fields in the profile.

ControlPanel Profile tab image3

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